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  Rename MP3 Have you ever wanted to rename a whole list of mp3's quickly. Any one who has used Music Match Jukebox knows what I mean. All the ripped mp3's have the same leading text with the track number incremented for each one. I personally like to add the name of the CD and the artist to the file name. I can add the these quite easily while leaving the track number intact. For instance

track_artist_Track 01.mp3
track_artist_Track 02.mp3
Metalica - Rock the world - Track 01.mp3
Metalica - Rock the world - Track 02.mp3

Last Update 9/06/05     
  ChatterBox You can chat over a lan with this beta software. It handles group as well as private chat. I have a dynamic URL set up with a server set to test this program. Set up the server option in the modify conection parameters to connect to
Last Update 1/14/03      version 0.1.25
  Database This program grew from a dos based program and is now a windows program. I learned quite alot from this program. I use this program daily. It is offered as freeware.
Last Update 1/28/03      version 1.5.253
  FCopy I have rewritten this program from the ground up. The gui is totally new as well as most of the code. I have used this program to retrieve files from a floppy that windows couldn't access. The code is beta and still needs a lot of flogging to get the bugs out. I am using it presently with good results. I need to add a help file, Email me with any questions.
  Click here for a screenshot
Last Update 3/04/03
  MadEncryption A basic text editor that allows the text to be encrypted. It uses an encryption algorithm that I developed. It is simple but it accomplishes the task efficiently. The code for this program is growing exponentially. It now has the ability to display a list of html keywords for editing html and batch file commands for writing batch files. I intend to add C++ source code to this.
Last Update 2/07/03      version 0.03.5
  PCClock New version, more stable than before. I have been using this version for several months and it has not failed me yet. although I do have to remember to keep the speakers on otherwise i am late for work.
This demo can act as a digital clock that has all the characteristics of the alarm clock that sits on your night stand. The registered version can act as your screensaver.
Last Update 1/02/06
  Byte_Me My wife can't remember how many kb's are in an mb. I made this for her. Dont critisize it, because she likes it.
Last Update 1/10/03
  WebLinks I use this program to build the start up page for my web browser. It builds a local web page that lists my favorite sites.
Last Update 1/10/03
  Calculator MadHatters Calculator 
You can purchase a personalized version suitable for distribution by your company.  sort of like a business card.  It will have your logo and include various popups with your email, or your web address, etc...
Last Update 2/03/03      first release
  GroupWise AA Meeting Directory This is a Project Designed Specifically for the AA community. It still needs a lot of work. 
Last Update 4/27/03
This software requires the Borland Database Engine. click here to download This software must be installed to run the AA directory
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